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Thursday, December 1
I got the email. Double checked, and for $11 w/tax, we could have calendars made.

Blogger debaser said...
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Blogger debaser said...
I can't seem to post to Chaybo's post, so here goes:

That looks purty. No snow has stuck around our house, or work this year. Sucky! I want snow!

Blogger Chaybo said...
Debaser .... re-posting the original blog update seems to have fixed it.

So what's the story with the exposure shot....did you shoot that ? That's damn nice work if you did. I vote for a 12 months of Debaser pics....your shit always looks nice. And i don't mean your stool.

Blogger htop said...
i think its a great idea. maybe some description of the photos. put some things like the lyons fat tire fest on the calender, cool things like that, beer rides, etc.
some shots of the crew would be good also.