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Sunday, December 11
Nebraska ride 12/23?
Anyone up for a Lincoln ride Friday 12/23? As it looks so far, Friday will be about the only day I can ride in Nebraska. We'll be in Lincoln Friday and Sat and in Omaha Sunday and Monday early. Leaving Omaha to come back to CO on 12/26 am.

Sooo, I'd love to sneak in a Friday ride (anytime, so far) and potentially some hanging out or beers on Friday eve? Keep me posted on what bike to bring back, too.

What's everyones plans?
Blogger htop said...
i can be on a bike by 3pm

Blogger debaser said...
Riding in Lincoln? Wilderness? I havn't been through there in about 2 years!

We're going to be around from 12/22 - 12/27. We're staying at the Bdiddy's Pleasure Palace Thursday night, based out of Omaha for most of our time there. I'll be trying to ride as much as possible.

Blogger mg said...
i'll be takin' friday off if that's the only day you can ride with us, that's fo-shizzle mi nizzle.

hopefully wilderness will be dope-fully. heh heh heh...

Blogger bdiddy said...
Yeah i have Friday off also!

Let's Ride!