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Tuesday, December 27
Stinkin' Lincoln.
First time back in 18 months? Hey, lets go for a bike ride.
Everything's muddy? Hey, lets go for a bike ride anyway. Gravel roads will do.
It's cold and it's been drizzling all day? Yep.

It was good to be back. We had a ton of fun. Probably won't stay away for another 18 months this time.

Hey, did we get those calanders yet?

Blogger redstone said...
I had a great time hanging with y'all, too. The bike ride was great, as usual. Thanks Lincoln crew.

Hope your Xmases were all good and that we'll ride again soon.

Blogger htop said...
thanks for the ride fella's. did anyone see the sunset and double rainbow later?.

Blogger mw said...
i saw the rainbow that day.

thanks for coming out and riding. you can always count on a ride no matter the conditions (well almost)...

Blogger mg said...
yep, purdy good. it was great to be able to hang out with you guys while you were back.

time to start planning fruita 2006...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
sweet over the shoulder pic!
good to meet you former folks from lincoln.

Blogger htop said...
anyone riding this coming new years weekend?. so far i am spending time with my cat, so i should have plenty of time to ride.

Blogger debaser said...
I managed a few other pics from the party that night. I'll get some up before too long.