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Sunday, September 28
new trail in town

Finally. Last Monday we finally opened the Picture Rock Trail. The trail leaves from town in Lyons and heads to the south to access the Heil Ranch trail system. It's good. This particular trail is a long uphill 5.5 mile tight and technical gem. With this and Hall Ranch right here, you can bet I won't be driving much to ride anymore.

5 days to roam
skipped vegas and instead offered Tracy 5 romantic days in the Skamper and about a 100 miles of trail. Just what a woman wants...right ?

cold lampin' in the skamper

heart lake

Clark Fork rivertrail, this trail really reminded me of the Platte River trail sytem.....beautiful, rolling, river bluff country.

last three rides were in the Fish Creek drainages

N Fk.

and W Fk.

Sunday, September 21
10 years
I knew it was getting close, so I checked out the title last week. On Sept. 22, 1998, I bought my Jeep with 10,008 miles. A few adventures later, with 135,000+ on the clock we're still going strong.

Sunday, September 14
speaking of NE, anyone want to ride?
I'm going to be back in Lincoln next weekend (9/20, 9/21) for Micah's wedding. Anyone want to ride? I'll probably hit Wilderness on Sat around brunchtime and I'm down for whatever on Sunday. Anyone not doing the PCL race on Sat want to hit up the park?

Tuesday, September 2
Bombs and Bacon @ Exit 426
A three day weekend isn't enough time for all the fun I wanted to have back in the homeland. I did manage to get to Platte for the last bacon ride of the season. Rick was kind enough to show me around Platte since I'd get lost out there on my own. Met up with the nice sized crew from Lincoln, lots of folks I havn't seen in years.

Dawn at the gate.

Tight, twisty, tacky.

Rick leading us out.

Sac museum was pretty amazing. Speed + camera = SR-71.