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Tuesday, September 2
Bombs and Bacon @ Exit 426
A three day weekend isn't enough time for all the fun I wanted to have back in the homeland. I did manage to get to Platte for the last bacon ride of the season. Rick was kind enough to show me around Platte since I'd get lost out there on my own. Met up with the nice sized crew from Lincoln, lots of folks I havn't seen in years.

Dawn at the gate.

Tight, twisty, tacky.

Rick leading us out.

Sac museum was pretty amazing. Speed + camera = SR-71.
Blogger -kw said...
it was good to see you.

Blogger mw said...
good to ride with you for 546ft.

great pictures.

Blogger mw said...
y'all probably know this one:
the sr71 would leak fuel on the runway because the titanium skin expands and was designed to be fuel tight when up to operating temperature in the sky.

Blogger debaser said...
And it was a good 546 ft. I only saw one significant pedal strike from the fixie. Impressive, really. I really wish I had more time to hang out, will plan for it next time.

And yep, knew that about that plane. It was cool to see it so close, lots of interesting details, like the ribbing on the underside. I have a vivid memory of seeing it flying around the neighborhood on its last flight into retirement.