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Sunday, September 14
speaking of NE, anyone want to ride?
I'm going to be back in Lincoln next weekend (9/20, 9/21) for Micah's wedding. Anyone want to ride? I'll probably hit Wilderness on Sat around brunchtime and I'm down for whatever on Sunday. Anyone not doing the PCL race on Sat want to hit up the park?

Blogger MG said...
We should hook up Sunday, Dave. Also, Laura and I are talking about coming out to CO the weekend of October 4-5, so we should talk soon.

I want to ride with you, brother.


Blogger htop said...
come race at branched oak, area 7 is in the best condition it has ever been in, WORD!!!

Blogger redstone said...
No thanks on racing, htop. I gave that up mostly a long time ago. I am racing this fall in 24 hrs of Moab, but we're bringing enough beer to make it worthwhile :)

Matty, I'll give you a shout man. 10-4 weekend would be a great one for you to come out.

Our Sunday schedule is a bit up in the air at this point, but we'll get 'er figured out.

thanks and looking forward to seeing the Lincoln posse!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep me informed of when and where you want to ride. I have not been in Wilderness for a long time. Platte should be in good shape too if that interests you.