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Sunday, September 23
Big Fall Ride
Good ride up in the Sourdough Universe, had some bright colors, cool temps, and a bit of rain.

progress on the iver

rebuilding wood.

pressed in bb and two piece crank

bitching toe clips

semi complete
Saturday, September 22
Go Matt Go
Gersib's doing Landahl 24 hours solo. Currently he's a minute out of second.

Realtime results
Thursday, September 20
Goat or sasquatch ?

Tuesday, September 18
before and after
good pics's a few pics from the night before.

the Kerkins bike Kitchen

after the ride pics:

Sunday, September 16
Classic: Monarch Crest to Silver Creek
S-House and I and the ladies camped out in Buena Vista this weekend, and then headed a bit further south for one of the most spectacular rides around. The weather threatened all day, but held out until mile 25 or so, after we were safely below treeline. About 4 hours after starting, we arrived back at the meeting point soaked, muddy, and all smiles. Especially since we had warm pizzas waiting there thanks to the wives!

Tuesday, September 11

Buffalo Creek!

Met S-house at Buffalo Creek on Saturday for a mountain bicycle ride. I've been hearing many good things about the Buffalo Creek trail system, and the trails exceeded their reputation. One word y'all - smooth, flowing, fun singletrack EVERYWHERE! Oh yeah, the CO Trail is part of the mix as well. The Buffalo Creek fire burned 11,900 acres in 1996. Part of the Buff Creek trail system runs right through the burn area. If perfect singletrack isn't enough, riding through a burn zone (on perfect singletrack) just makes this ride that much more interesting. Oh, and dispursed (FREE!) camping less than 1/2 mile from the CO Trail and multiple Buff Creek trailheads. My new favorite within two hours of Denver metro. I'm going back for more when the aspens are peaking - the more, the merrier!
Sunday, September 9
Mary is 30.
When you turn 30, you deserve a party.

It was a blowout.

Thursday, September 6
New Duck Army

Had a duck race at work... Maysa's gonna love these!
Monday, September 3

Finally got a dose of Nedication yesterday. Debaser prescribed three hours of West Magnolia trails, starting at Ned High. It was three hours of twisty singletrack goodness, with one nasty jeep road climb added in to remind me of how little I've been riding lately. I think I might have to self-prescribe a few more doses of Nederland riding - especially when the Aspens start turning yellow in a few weeks! Anyone, anyone? -MK