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Tuesday, September 26
Old is new is old.
New bike from the special guys. The cranks look way waaaaay out of place to me. And the rear der.

Sunday, September 24
Road trip to Nebraska
We're headed to Nebraska the weekend of the 7th/8th for Scaz's pre-reception that Saturday. We'll be based out of Omaha, and it would be fun if I could hook up for a ride with some of y'all. Looks like Sunday may work better right now. Any idears?
blue joint

blue joint trail, and on the forest service hot seat. This trail borders the frank church wilderness and U.S.'s largest parcel of roadless area. new improvisions may include the blue joint trail to become PARt OF the frank bikes, no mechanised equipment. Got to ride it while we still can.

so we did.

b.g. driving big red.

thanks for driving.....4 folks, 4 bikes. Very comfortably.
Saturday, September 23
A little South Saint Vrain action.
The storm wasn't all they said it would be cracked up to be. Great little ride in the snow, saw zero people too. Just the sound of my tires crunching away on the snow.

Thursday, September 21
spent last weekend at the austin city limits music festival. pics to follow if i can figure out how to do it. people that made me smile and shake..... ben harper, muse, ween, murder by death, greyhounds, massive attack, and a few others i just can remember now.
Wednesday, September 20
a pic

finished up the new ride and i'm a happy boy.
Monday, September 18
Two classics, one weekend
The plan was to do the MTBR gathering, and while we (Chris and Chad from Lyons)camped and campfired with the crew, we made out own decisions regarding riding. Saturday, the classic Monarch Crest route. Starts at Monarch Pass, heads southish on the Continental Divide/Colorado Trail. I was worried about hypothermia and trying to stay on the trail with with a 30 degree temperature and 30 mph winds. I hear the views are spectacular, but we were socked in pretty good. Eventually, we hung a right onto the Silver Creek trail, the sun came out, and it warmed to a balmy 50 degrees. Six plus hours on the trail. My first time up there, and it was super yummy.


Sunday we stopped halfway home and hit Kenosha Pass. Another chilly one, 40 degrees, and another stiff breeze. Lots of tired legs (some more than others, mine especially), but oh so worth it. Another big day, above treeling at the halfway, and ultra sweet descents. Super yummy yet again. And only fiveish hours.

Saturday, September 16
a great snowy saturday
This morning, we worked on new trail construction at a nearby County Open Space called Heil Ranch. It neighbors Lyons, but the closest trailhead is a 20 min drive. There's lots of more fun places within 20 min, so we don't ride there often. Today was the first public workday for a new trail, about 3 miles long that creates a second loop in the park. In another year or so, a connector trail will come off this new loop and roll into Lyons. Can't wait.

Dale from Oskars helped out with the necessary beer and food afterwards. We obliged. Then we rode. We drove up to Miller Rock for a little ride. It was snowing on and off the entire ride. The moisture was great, though - the dirt was about perfect. We stopped to scramble to the top of Miller Rock. The views from up there are sweet, but it was a little cloudy.

then we rode some more.

It was a great day, bikes, trails, beer. good stuff.
Thursday, September 14
not quite ready

but i just ordered the M952 cranks about 10 minutes ago. I almost shit myself when the gal from E-A told me what the cranks were gonna cost me.....jesus. Buy as much of the older shit while ya can, cause vintage bike parts inflate in value. BIG TIME. And that's a tip from you're buddy chaybo. I'm pretty stoked to be getting a set of 110 bcd cranks, it'll be fun to screw around with the abundace of compact road rings that are being made these days. Road compact is cool and that's tip #2.'s a picture minus cranks, bb, bb-7's and grips...but you get the picture. She's gonna be SWEEETT ! i can't wait to log in a dirt road century on her, and hopefully by next weekend.

btw....good guess nate. You must have a catalog of rigid forks built inside of that noggin of yours, how you can tell a bike by the fork beats the shit outta me.
Wednesday, September 13
one for the service roads

wills will be happy....29 inches is in my near future.
Tuesday, September 12
In all its glory.

Montana stylee
Here's a few pics from the Redstone family's trip to Montana. Thanks Bdiddy and Chaybo for the goods, all the way around. You guys rock, but you already know that!
Bdiddy says, "Crack open that Kokonee and get in the Jahoney, bitch!"

More weirdness at Tour de Fat

Feels like old times, followin' Chaybo around

Smoove. That's how Bdiddy rolls.

You could hear 'em creaking. All of them. Kind of eerie.

The money shot of the weekend.

Bdiddy styles it out for the cover of BIKE mag.

Jahoney porn. The rides over but the fun starts now.

Chaybo rides off into the sunset.

And the boys say, hope you enjoyed your MT visit, please come again!
Monday, September 11
Some big photos for Chad
Hey buddy, have your wife grab your bifocals for you and feast your eyes on these full size pics.

Saturday, September 9
new bike in the stable

finished up my new RFX last night and took it on it's inagural ride this morning. Good golly she's stable.
Tuesday, September 5
Bocce, anyone?

Went camping with the Smiths this weekend, at what just might be another candidate for the best car camping spot ever. Dave drought his bocce balls into the wild. I was soundly beaten in each and every game, but the views made up for it. Oh, and a bike ride too, this time with no rear brake (which has since been remedied).
New Belgium FTF

saturday hanging out with these two guys, behind a guy with one of these. Drinking a bunch of these.
Monday, September 4
Hanging in Colorado
Had a great ride with Ganzel on Wednesday. Carol's sister took us up to three sister's on Friday for another outing. Rocks are fun.