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Tuesday, September 12
In all its glory.

Blogger head floor sweeper said...
so, not to seem fixated on yer truck and all devall, but what year is it and what model? is it a 150 Ranger? come on, i'm from grand island i love trucks, and if you ever sell it, i'll drive out to montana and all.

by the way, CAT mudflaps are the icing on the cake. i use to have a CAT diesel power hat with the wings on the bill back in 81 when i was six and wanted to be a farmer, wonder what happened to it.

i hope you two have your backs all loosened up for sleeping on the floor in our dirtball hotel room.


Blogger Chaybo said...
randall could probably fill me in on some of the finer details about the original owner and all. If he figures out how to type on this blogger...i'm sure he just might.

but anyway...she's a 71' F250 Ranger, 4 wheel drive, geared super low, hell i can't even remember the last time i had her in 1st gear. She runs like a champ, smells a little gasey, and i'd hate to figure the mpg's.

not to break your heart woodman, but she's not for sale...however ! Find your way up here and i'll throw ya the keys and you can drive to yer little hearts content.

Blogger redstone said...
Smells a little gassey. What's Bdid have to say about that one? heh heh