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Tuesday, September 12
Montana stylee
Here's a few pics from the Redstone family's trip to Montana. Thanks Bdiddy and Chaybo for the goods, all the way around. You guys rock, but you already know that!
Bdiddy says, "Crack open that Kokonee and get in the Jahoney, bitch!"

More weirdness at Tour de Fat

Feels like old times, followin' Chaybo around

Smoove. That's how Bdiddy rolls.

You could hear 'em creaking. All of them. Kind of eerie.

The money shot of the weekend.

Bdiddy styles it out for the cover of BIKE mag.

Jahoney porn. The rides over but the fun starts now.

Chaybo rides off into the sunset.

And the boys say, hope you enjoyed your MT visit, please come again!
Blogger 3p0 said...
looks like life up north is being purdy good to thoes two.

good to see ya,

love the pic of B-diddy in the truck chillin.

Blogger debaser said...
Good times, good times.