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Wednesday, May 31
Croll @ Como
This weekend I had a chance to take the Croll out around Lake Como. Let me tell you it was oh a purdy good ride. Hope everyone had a good Memorial day weekend!
Gersibs true calling.
Hanging out in the basement? Nope.
Chilling at the wrench? Nope.
Drinking sugarwater witha shot of coffee? Nope.


I hope for Laura's sake he doesn't end up with one of there at home.

wagon train

got out to wagon train on memorial day with pc and dk. the trails are pretty nice out there now thanks to some trimming back.
Thursday, May 25
three wheels good
Tuesday, May 23
Everyone knows one thing Wisconcin is famous for. What about the other stuff?

Monday, May 22
got er done

203 miles. 15.25hrs in the saddle. 6.10am start to 11.00pm finish. i finished in a group of 3. i think we finished 12, 13, 14. there were 4 finishers after us. i think half of the racers dropped.

this pic was after the 88 mile checkpoint. there was a 50mile gap from the check to the next town. it was so remote. prairie after prairie. i'd do it again in a second.
sunday ride; sleeping child ridge

spent a good chunk of the day outside and on the bikes. Life is good.
Bdiddy earning a days wages

classic Schwinn Hollywood.....and in pink non the less. I think Wills would envy this bike. Singlespeed and pink...what else could a hippie ask for ?
Saturday, May 20
chi town
I sorta remember the cubby bear, but not really. Looks different when I'm sober.

Wednesday, May 17
lftf vi

Memorial Day is coming up! If you're reading this, you are invited.

We should get the Friday ride going by 2:30pm. Saturday ride is 8:30 at the shop, then caravaning up to Estes to ride the fabled Crosier Mountain. I had my doubts whether or not I would ride this as a loop, but after last weekends 7 hr deathmarch, I'm up for anything.

When we get back on Sat, it's time to party. I'll wrangle us up some Dales.

Sunday will be fly by the seat of our pants/dad day. We will try to hit something 'local' late in day if we're up for it.
Monday, May 15
700x30 on dirt

yeah buddy.
mine was flat

sort of anyways. fixie ride up to omaha after the 4hr race at platte. my legs are cooked this morn.

i'm registered for the dirty kanza 200milers this coming weekend. wish me luck again. i'm feeling the need to put all that prep to work. hope the weather gods are appeased...
Sunday, May 14
check them stats

4900' of climbing, 7900' of descending and 7 hours total = 2 tired ass legs.
Over there
"And then after that climb there, we'll climb that climb there, followed by that other climb way over there. Where we climb again." - DMD

Lion Gulch
Biggish ride for me today, huge for Dave and Chad. I bailed before the last big climb due to a broken spoke, failing freewhell, and overall pissed off and tired attitude. Before that though, we rode bikes. Super fun.

canoe'n with the boys

Took the lil fellas out this past weekend for a little boating at como. Good stuff ..... and the boys had a blast rocking the boat from time to time. I don't think either of them knew exactly how easy it is to tip a canoe OR how damn cold the water was.

Saturday, May 13

take off, hoser. Chad M ready to launch. 2' wheelie drop and a 90 degree rock filled lefty on the other side. Sounds easy enough. I opted out.
Wednesday, May 10
Magic's lost vacation photo!
Monday, May 8

Oh yeah, great commute home today. Sprinkles and stormy in town when I left work. After getting a little wet I had blue skies and a wind at my back.

Friday, May 5
Some sunset pics from Mexico
Mexico Pictures

Lot's of good times to be had south of the border. No, I don't mean Kansas.
Thursday, May 4
team jerseys
The wait is finally over! Team jerseys will be here next week! I'm pretty stoked. We went with the simple is better approach.

Wednesday, May 3
Tuesday night ride.
Pics from Redstone's Tuesday Night Ride. Doesn't have the same intensity as those rides that left from High Street, but there's some redeeming qualities anyway!

Tuesday, May 2
Riding from town.
Saturday, Pablo and I met up with some of his ultimatefriends for a little ride from Boulder. An hour and 40 minutes later we were at the top, and got a nice ride back down.

Pablo showing us how big his... never mind.

Carl, making it down the slab before he found dirt.

Monday, May 1

Got to work, turned the page over on the calendar, and got all excited, again.