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Sunday, May 14
canoe'n with the boys

Took the lil fellas out this past weekend for a little boating at como. Good stuff ..... and the boys had a blast rocking the boat from time to time. I don't think either of them knew exactly how easy it is to tip a canoe OR how damn cold the water was.

Blogger debaser said...
Snacks Rule!

Blogger debaser said...
I always inmagined Como as a little stock pond sort of place. That's impressive.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
your sons look like my brother and I did. . . and sounds like they act the same.

The roam premier went great, had about 400 people in that place. Too bad you couldn't make it

john p

Blogger Chaybo said...
hey there John.....sorry we didn't make it over there, i really did want to make it for that time i suppose. We've been spring time busy over here and in the middle of a bunch of new changes. Come visit soon if you make it over this way. I hear your brother will be here in two weeks ?

Blogger John Parker said...
yeah, two weeks. We are floating the Smith river as a family. Not in canoes though. I'll visit as soon as I can. Jesse and I might come down for a ride if we can fit it in the schedule.

Next year, bigger and better . . . you better come down this time. It was pretty cool seeing the mountain bike community in Bozeman, it has only been a theoretical entity till this point. Now we are going to have to get involved with spending the money on cool trails. . .