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Wednesday, May 31
wagon train

got out to wagon train on memorial day with pc and dk. the trails are pretty nice out there now thanks to some trimming back.
Blogger debaser said...
It's so green!

Make sure to get Chad on some rides. He's riding a bike that's right up your alley.

Blogger Chaybo said...
dude...i've ridden the bike every day since i've been back. And stuff is greeeeeeen. and pretty.

Last night the johnson's accompanied tracy and i out to cortland via some pretty cool roads that i've never been on. Once we got to cortland we loaded our camelbacks with 12 cans of Hopaluia.

Blogger debaser said...
that's the good stuff!

It was nice seeing you for a few short hours Saturday. We need to start planning for something later this summer in your neck of the woods, and maybe even something halfway. Steller idear there.

Blogger bigmech said...

You have to get in touch with me about riding. Maybe come up for the Thursday taco ride on the wabash.

Blogger mw said...
uh wait. chad's here?

Blogger Beerorkid said...
awwww crap super last minute here. maybe ya can help.

Plannin on heading out there tonight to see what is up. My coworker says he lives by there and they did not get much rain.

Any hints on where the trails are? I ed it and it looks to be on the east side. Any help would be appreciated.

Figure I can just wander around though.

Blogger Chaybo said...
aahhh wills, sorry buddy...i bean meaning to call ya, but you know how that can go sometimes.

today johanson and myself road out sw of crete and looped back around to the north side of hwy 33 for a 40 miler. Damn it's humid here, but goooood gravel road riding !

let's hook up for platte sometime soon.

later, Chad

Blogger mw said...
maybe platte sunday morn is what i've been hearing. i'm down for the ride out. it's an early one to pull it off inorder to meet the group, but...

Blogger mw said...
hey beerorkid, i don't know my directions out there good enought to tell you where they are at. but you can get to them from several places.

Blogger Beerorkid said...
pretty much figured it out. Not exactly smooth single trak but still fun. I had a blast out there. Thanks for the heads up.

Blogger Beerorkid said...
yup the almost trail is all over the place. Had fun followed the orange markers. Twas fun.

Hey a new place to ride is all good.