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Wednesday, May 17
lftf vi

Memorial Day is coming up! If you're reading this, you are invited.

We should get the Friday ride going by 2:30pm. Saturday ride is 8:30 at the shop, then caravaning up to Estes to ride the fabled Crosier Mountain. I had my doubts whether or not I would ride this as a loop, but after last weekends 7 hr deathmarch, I'm up for anything.

When we get back on Sat, it's time to party. I'll wrangle us up some Dales.

Sunday will be fly by the seat of our pants/dad day. We will try to hit something 'local' late in day if we're up for it.
Blogger bdiddy said...

Thanks for the invite! I am bummed to tell you our family won't be able to make the LFTF this year!


I never thought that I would be saying that. This will be my first year not in attendance. I remember when it was the Littleton FTF or the boulder FTF. I remember when that jackass wedged his jeep inbetween your apartment and a telephone pole then the next night Magic was skinny dippin' in the boulder creek.

Fond memories welp fellas pour one out in my honor. Have fun riding down that sweet Crosier Mountain and everyone be safe!

Blogger Chaybo said...
DMD.....i'm in for one ride, and the gods say that saturday is the day !

see ya soon !

Blogger redstone said...
Bummer bdiddy! You've got a few other things on your plate, though. We're going to try to make it up to MT this year though.

Glad you'll be able to make it, Chaybo, you're planning on partying down Sat night, right? Right?

Blogger Chaybo said...
o-ya .... we'll be partying. Think you can keep up this year. Watching you drink brew-ha-has last year almost changed your nickname from DMD to Tea Sippin Dave

Blogger Cornbread said...
What up Bdiddy! Hope all is well at Redstone. Have you gotten a dually yet?

Blogger bdiddy said...
Things are going great so far. I am actually working with chaybo @ Red Barn Bicycles. Although I have a feeling redstone would be a cool gig also! I have had this Ventana for the last year. Its been a great bike!

You Lincoln Cats should take redstone up on his invite. Follow MG out to Lyons, CO put a tent up a ride, party, ride, party then repeat. It has always been a good time. All types of bikes show up. The last time we hit Crosier there was a single speed contingent. New faces every year. Good way to make a rocky mountain connection.

By the way that pic of you leading out the Lemond start at the Platte Marathon was the shit! How did you do?

Blogger mg said...
yo homies -- i'm lookin' forward to ftf 2006. we'll be there friday by noon, in plenty of time for the 2:30pm ride time.

bdiddy: results from platte are up on

see y'all soon.

Blogger Cornbread said...
Oops. Yeah, I meant Redbarn. Nice Ventana. I'm sure it works well out there.

The Platte marathon was tough. KKS added a killer climb at the end. I was cooked after 4 hours. I was just being a goofball at the start. Sprinted past everyone and got pasted by twenty guys on the first climb. :)

Blogger debaser said...
The official kick off for summer riding, I can't wait. Crosier is the classic, I'll have to see if I can dig out some pics before next week.

Bdiddy, won't be the same without you! I guess someone's gotta stay up there and make chaybo some money!!

Blogger Chaybo said...
5 days and counting