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Wednesday, November 29
wrong part

dammit. don't you hate it when you accidentally order the wrong part. these are cobb tuning billet endlinks. doubt if these will fail in my lifetime. they have a rad spherical bearing. and these fit the front. so i'll keep them and order the 'c' shaped rear ones tomorrow so i can get my car back in tip top 4 wheel drifting shape.

i always heard these upgraded whiteline brand endlinks would break. sure enough they did. took about 6 years tho. while they were in one piece they helped provide one damm fine handling 4wd wagon.
sunday ride

last bridge on the mopac near wabash looking southerly...
Monday, November 27
Thanksgiving in MOAB

Sunday, November 26
polar express

took a short train ride with the family...watched the animated movie 'polar express' and the kids actually got to meet santa and the grinch all within the same ride. Good times !
Wednesday, November 22
Happy Thanksgiving my Lampin' brothers. I hope everyone out there gets some quality time off from the daily grind.

We're having some friends over for dinner, so pretty low key. I'll be lucky enough to get a ride in Thurs am and hopefully a longy one in on Friday. We're thinking of hitting a low elevation trail that just opened up this Spring. It's an 8 mile trail that connects Devil's Backbone in Loveland with Horsetooth in Ft Collins. If we start in Loveland, we can have limitless singletrack that's all dry and within reach. I can't wait. SDA, are you out there? Want to hook up? We're thinking of leaving Lyons around noon on Friday.

Have a great day Thurs. I'm thankful for Lampin' and everyone here!
Tuesday, November 21
Day 3

Get up, start packing up camp, ride Joes, Kessel, Prime Cut, pack the trucks, head to Junction, ride up Pet-e-kis, down Holy Cross, pack it up for the weekend, head back to the front range.

It was exactly what I needed.

I almost got killed on my way home. Traffic was in full effect coming down I70, going from 50mph to 5 mph in a flash. I saw that, but the guy in the jacked up k5 Blazer behind me was daydreaming. I watched him coming for my rear window, at the last second he veered towards the ditch while jabbing the brakes. It tilted onto 2 wheels (I don't know how it diddn't flip) and spun around and slid into the ditch backwards. I was unscathed, somehow.

Wear your seatbelts kids.
Day Two

Get up, eat breakfast.
Head to Loma.
Ride over the hump to Steves, then Marys, then Horsetheif, then more Marys, then Moore Fun.
Grab food and beer replenishments in town.
Head to camp.
Ride Kessel.
Eat dinner, start campfire, drink beer.
Go to bed.
Monday, November 20
The sun sets on day 1
More Zip.

We camped up on 18 road, and rode til almost sunset Friday. Hit most of the good stuff in that direction that afternoon. This was the last downhill of the night.
assembling some parts

new bike project is gaining some parts. and yep, that's a fixed/disk phil hub. what kinda moron would order that? me.
sunday ride

did the lincoln to bellevue ride a few times this year. this might have been the last one...maybe? stretched it out to 95 or so by adding the south bellevue loop.
Sunday, November 19
Um, yeah. Mancation.


Sunday, November 12
Ok, this is it!
Not exactly what you would expect, eh..
This is the fun (dorky) winter project for me. No, I do not have an inner ear problem. Some may dispute that after riding off road with me. This is something out of the ordinary that I picked up for $60 to tote the speaker box with on fun rides. I will do what is possible to make it easier to ride (more gears, less rolling weight, etc.). Any ideas?
Saturday, November 11
Organic Napkin?
Friday, November 10
Now, all I've got to do is work on my mullet.
Thursday, November 9
Sweet Ride II
A little more taste of the winter project.
Heading back for some more.
The wife put it on the master schedule, so I'm in. Next step is to talk to work and see about taking Friday off. Riding, camping, and some etc thrown in for good measure.

Tuesday, November 7
Hell-ooo 90's

i recieved a set of aluminum spokes and straight pull hubs from Jeff at I9 this week to try building up a set ourselves (so easy a caveman can do it). Bolt on rear axle, thru front axle. And then we had the rims sandblasted and powder coated white, called DT to get Orig decals and now we have.........a 90's flashback !
Sunday, November 5
Boulder Cup CX
No ride for me today. But headed out to the races, saw some Chads. Melis was fast, Carp was styling.

Saturday, November 4
Winter Projects
Sweet projects for the winter months. These rides will make it out in the spring of 2007! After some work that is...

It will be sporting a 300 Watt stereo...


This is Carol's new townie for next year.

Friday, November 3
I heart roadies!

This post is for all the roadies that are members of this blog (Hitop, Wolfman, and Magic). This was a forty mile loop that I did with Puchanan last weekend. It was a little windy when we were on the exposed areas of the benchs. We Stopped in Victor for snacks they didn't have nerd ropes or the swedish fish so we settled snickers bars. Thanks for the ride shrekie!