stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Sunday, November 19
Um, yeah. Mancation.


Blogger bdiddy said...
Looks frosty and fun!

Blogger mw said...
beauty. look like a good time.

Blogger sda said...
5 rides in 3 days. first time i've ever cracked a beer before noon in my life. and it was good.

more pics please.

Blogger mw said...
woodman is calling you out on the never before noon comment.

Blogger debaser said...
I'd like to say that I never drank before noon, but don't Husker games start at 11?

Blogger 3p0 said...
I don't know who ever came up with that before noon crap.

uptight religous freeks

cuz nothing taste better than beer in the am.

Good Job Davrill