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Wednesday, November 22
Happy Thanksgiving my Lampin' brothers. I hope everyone out there gets some quality time off from the daily grind.

We're having some friends over for dinner, so pretty low key. I'll be lucky enough to get a ride in Thurs am and hopefully a longy one in on Friday. We're thinking of hitting a low elevation trail that just opened up this Spring. It's an 8 mile trail that connects Devil's Backbone in Loveland with Horsetooth in Ft Collins. If we start in Loveland, we can have limitless singletrack that's all dry and within reach. I can't wait. SDA, are you out there? Want to hook up? We're thinking of leaving Lyons around noon on Friday.

Have a great day Thurs. I'm thankful for Lampin' and everyone here!
Blogger debaser said...
safe travels to all who travel, and good eats to all that eat, and good rides to all that ride.

Blogger mw said...
just rode. did some rakeing and now we're off to omaha-ish. probably ride the next 3 days too but the longees might be limited. weather here is so nice. need to get my kitchen window finished.

Blogger sda said...
did that ride yesterday. from my door to lory, through there and the bottom of horsetooth, onto the blue sky trail, and on down to devils backbone and then home.

it was great. about 50 degrees, slightly overcast, and no-one on the trail. but on the way back i fell and cracked my helmet. and today i still have a headache. but i'm not bleeding out my ear or dizzy or anything.

goddamn mountainbikes. time to start skiing.