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Tuesday, November 21
Day 3

Get up, start packing up camp, ride Joes, Kessel, Prime Cut, pack the trucks, head to Junction, ride up Pet-e-kis, down Holy Cross, pack it up for the weekend, head back to the front range.

It was exactly what I needed.

I almost got killed on my way home. Traffic was in full effect coming down I70, going from 50mph to 5 mph in a flash. I saw that, but the guy in the jacked up k5 Blazer behind me was daydreaming. I watched him coming for my rear window, at the last second he veered towards the ditch while jabbing the brakes. It tilted onto 2 wheels (I don't know how it diddn't flip) and spun around and slid into the ditch backwards. I was unscathed, somehow.

Wear your seatbelts kids.
Blogger redstone said...
Good photos, Debaser. Is that second one here pet-e-kis?

Blogger debaser said...
It is. It's a fantastic singletrack climb up to almost the base of the widowmaker.

Blogger mg said...
glad you lived to tell that story bryan. sounds like you guys had a great time.

Blogger debaser said...
This trip fully made up for the lack of riding on the last trip.

It was most spectacular.