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Sunday, November 12
Ok, this is it!
Not exactly what you would expect, eh..
This is the fun (dorky) winter project for me. No, I do not have an inner ear problem. Some may dispute that after riding off road with me. This is something out of the ordinary that I picked up for $60 to tote the speaker box with on fun rides. I will do what is possible to make it easier to ride (more gears, less rolling weight, etc.). Any ideas?
Blogger debaser said...
You'll finally be able to keep up with the bluehairs.

Blogger mw said...
is a longer crank possible?

new tires available in a narrow width?

Blogger bigmech said...
A longer crank is definitely something to look at. The back tires are pretty skinny, but that big front tire is SWEET! I will have to check out riding position, losing the tractor seat, and maybe some gearing changes.

Blogger debaser said...
Is it geared now? 3 speed or something?

Blogger redstone said...
That definitely needs a new fork. Like a Boxxer or something.

That trike is sweet bigmech.