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Monday, May 26
B(eeeeeer) Ride
Dave entrusted me to lead the B-ride for the fest this weekend - I royally screwed it all up. Noone got lost. Noone blew up. Noone was cursing me. I forgot a cooler of beer for the end of the trail (at least someone else remembered)

At least we had fun, and first dibs at the keg, which was empty by 10pm.

Sweet singletrack.

Climbing and enjoying the view.

Racing through the meadows to the top of Lion's Gulch

A shockingly good time.

LFTF Big Ride

Here's a shot of Dave riding away from our lunch stop Saturday afternoon. Big ride. Good ride.


Monday, May 19
Let me start by saying sorry to Dave for burying his post. Anyone who is even thinking about taking Dave up on his invite should. His entire crew on the front range will take you in with open arms. I have had the privilge of making it to quite a few of the gatherings and it is always a good time!

This last weekend I had a first. I signed up for a supported tour of the Swan river valley. Two days 110 miles each day up to Swan lake camp and then the same route back. This was all on pavement. I didn't snap a pic until we arrived at our destination. We had a great group of riders that seemed to shrink and expand from three to eight for various reasons. Breakfast lunch and dinner was provided both days and it was sure was good. The lunch stop had homemade chicken noodle soup. This was the 38 th edition of the ride. I think that there were 175 riders out on the road for the event. We left from Missoula following highway 200 until it met up with highway 82 North. This sure was a good time and I hope to do it next year.

Swan Lake the destination.
Rick's first attempt at accupuncture!?!
Base camp with support crew.
Rick and Joe Riding into Condon for the first food stop of day 2.
This is Summit Lake It was about a 30 mile decent in either direction from this point.
This is one of the last pictures that I took on the way back and I am going to chose to remember the trip this way instead of the last brutal 40 miles of head wind back down into Missoula.
Friday, May 16

Howdy 'Lampers. We're riding next weekend. It'd be great if any of you could make it out. Friday we ride at 2, back by 6 or 7 pm. Sat is the deathmarch. We'll have 2 different rides. If anyone can recall the first ever Lyons Fat Tire Fest, we'll be doing the same big ass loop. It's about 35 miles, lots of climbing and it will be raining (hopefully). We're meeting up at 8:30 am at the shop for that one. I'll be providing the breakfast and the beer on that day, :)

Thanks also for all the good words on the new shop and sorry I haven't been on Lampin too much lately. It's been pretty hectic out here. I quit my PI job (last day was 5/2) so now Mary and I are 100% self supported by our own businesses. Yikes. I gotta be honest. Honker Hanger was truly an inspiration. Miss all your mugs.
Thursday, May 8
Primo Platte
Platte River is TACKY!
Carol dove into the trails for the first time. It was all grins afterwards.
Tuesday, May 6
Looks like Redstone has some new hours:

Congrats Dave. How's the new commute treating you?