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Monday, May 26
B(eeeeeer) Ride
Dave entrusted me to lead the B-ride for the fest this weekend - I royally screwed it all up. Noone got lost. Noone blew up. Noone was cursing me. I forgot a cooler of beer for the end of the trail (at least someone else remembered)

At least we had fun, and first dibs at the keg, which was empty by 10pm.

Sweet singletrack.

Climbing and enjoying the view.

Racing through the meadows to the top of Lion's Gulch

A shockingly good time.

Blogger redstone said...
Shockingly good, indeed. Good pics, b.

Blogger MG said...
Man, I miss you guys... Sorry I missed the fun this year, my friends. I'll be back next year, I promise.

Glad to see you had an awesome time. Pierson Park looks amazingly beautiful, as always... I love that place. Davey, we'll have to get up there in June when Laura and I come out.


Blogger bdiddy said...
Looks like fun as usual! So did anyone make it out from kneebraska?

Catch ya on the flip flop!