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Wednesday, June 4
Watching and riding,
Last weekend was chock full of goodness, starting with the the not smallest bike shop's grand opening.

Which led into a Hall Ranch ride followed by the dirt jump portion of the Lyons Outdoor games. Seriously impressive riders doing seriously dumb things with no serious injuries.

Sunday was all about riding. Coulson, which for some reason I never set tire to last year was just what I needed. Backcountry goodness! As an added bonus, the crew I was leading was 3 guys and 4 chicks, who all hold their own.

I've got a mental health day planned for Friday, can't wait for another weekend away from the local stuff!
Blogger redstone said...
Thanks for coming out B. Who'd you all ride with on Sunday?

Blogger debaser said...
Cynthia, Kim & her friend Tracy, Scott and Em from work, and Tom.

Blogger mw said...
beautiful pics!

Blogger MG said...
wow... that looks like an awesome time. great pics BG.