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Friday, March 28

Just picked up this 1996 beauty from Frank. I have always been fond of the tiger stripe paint job. Wayne and Brian are still sporting the tangerine version. This baby is the big daddy XL version with a 23.5" top tube. Look at that short head tube (ugh, my back hurts already). What are suggestions for the build? Is it total retro ala 1996, or the new fangled stuff with outboard crank bearings and linear pull (no disc options).
Tuesday, March 18

Sunday, March 16
My favorite yucca
Great day to go visit my favorite yucca. 50ish, with clouds building to the north with promises of big snow tonight. I tried to convince Butch to come ono over to see it, but he wanted to sit in traffic instead.

Tuesday, March 4
Whats cookin' in the kitchen

Saturday, March 1
70 degrees in March?

March 1, shorts, shortsleaves, a ride in the forest.