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Friday, March 28

Just picked up this 1996 beauty from Frank. I have always been fond of the tiger stripe paint job. Wayne and Brian are still sporting the tangerine version. This baby is the big daddy XL version with a 23.5" top tube. Look at that short head tube (ugh, my back hurts already). What are suggestions for the build? Is it total retro ala 1996, or the new fangled stuff with outboard crank bearings and linear pull (no disc options).
Blogger debaser said...
oh my... That's fantastic! You gotta run some old school stuff on there. No side pulls - canti's only with that fork. Speaking of which, is the fork cartridge already blown?

Blogger -kw said...
sub 21.

Blogger sda said...
eno. singlespeed it. my two cents.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Rick that looks real nice!

It must be a 1 inch headtube. Maybe? I thought the silver bikes that we had built in '96 were the first batch they built with 1 1/8" steer tubes. If it has walter croll on the top tube the frame was most likely built before that.


It looks like the seat stay area was brazed and the bottom bracket area was tig welded? What is the head tube area construction like?

Suggestions for the build:

XT ders if you go that route. Definatley 8 speed if you put gears on it. Ritchey or or race face lp cranks. King 1 inch headset and phil BB thompson post and stem titec hellbent or salsa 11 degree bar 517's for rims and shimano hubs IRC mythos or conti BAJAs if you can find em. Find whatever saddle your arse matches up to and oh yeah the ATI grips with the little dots for brakes I would skip the canti's and go avid ultimate brakes with v levers of your choice.

I would also have someone like vicious cycles or tom teesdale build you a 1 inch rigid fork. That judy's gonna BLOW buddy.

Thats how I would build it geared. If you decide to go single on it I would go with what sda recommended. My ENO has been great.

Blogger Noren said...
OR, instead of having someone else build you a ridgid fork, maybe Peacock Groove?
My name is Erik and I built that bike....that was so long ago! Thjey are still hot, and in my opinion, a hell of a time piece....tiger paint was cool then, and it still is now.....Let me know if you want to know more, my blood is in those frames!

Blogger bigmech said...
WHAT! Judy XC's were bulletproof!
I don't remember changing more than 2-3 dozen damper assmblies at Honker. Yeah, they might have some issues, but don't we all. It's too purdy to switch out to rigid. I will be looking for england air cartridges. Right now the build is leaning towards some existing XT items I have from the day. I think the Hershey V's will handle the braking.

Erik, good to hear from you buddy. I remember talking to you many times and hope Peacock Groove is doing well. I was going to talk to Frank and see if he had any old decals. My road frame could use a repaint. The racing years caused many paint chips and scratches. Maybe we could work something out, I will be in touch.