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Thursday, July 31
broke, then fixed

car felt weird. and car was making noise when encountering bumps in corners. got underneath and found a broken bracket to the driver side rear sway bar. the bar was flexing enough to smack the back of the mufler. a call to the salvage yard was successful. got home. put it on and car feels much better. it was pushing harder than i remember. no longer.
Monday, July 28

S-house and I took a short (way too short!) trip over to CB this weekend, to see what all the fuss is about. Shhhh...let's try to keep this amongst our little group here, but the mountain bike riding in Crested Butte is actually pretty decent. The scenery isn't all that bad either....


Perfect Cruise Da
It's Gretna Days this weekend and was a perfect time to take out the new Croll for a spin. SMOOOTH!

It"s just so SHINY!

bdiddy and mrs. bdiddy could be rocking twin bikes, eh. Chasing butterflies and holding hands while pedaling to a picnic lunch in the park.

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limo style

I've been getting in a few hours of cross training lately. Going up even slight grades is more difficult than you would think. You can really get cookin' going downhill, though.
Sunday, July 13
Video Virgin
This is my first take at video. Sorry it moves around a lot. I was climbing one handed and holding the camera in my other hand. Took a while to get it relatively dialed. Hopefully, I'll be learning how to take vids of peeps, edit them, then post. We'll see. I rode Lion Gulch today. It was good.

When the vid is almost done, you can hear my freewheel start to coast. That's about when I said, "Shit, gotta have both hands on the bar now"...
Weekend recap
We headed to Nederland for a quickie camping trip, just last night. This morning, we packed up and headed to a trailhead juat outside of the wilderness boundary. There's far away parking, and there's close in parking - the close in parking requires driving through puddles and a creekbed for a couple hundred yards - and it gets deep enough that the tailpipe on the jeep was burbling underwater. As soon as I'm committed in the first water fjord, I look to my left and see this lady:

A bit over an hour in, we arrived at Lost Lake. Purty nice spot. Zana wants to backpack in here for a night.

Yesterday, I managed a bit of a bike ride from our campsite. A ran accross a couple groves of these - maybe 50 flowers in each. Stunning.

And yes, I did manage to ride some singletrack out there.
Tuesday, July 8
Saturday afternoon CT
Photo by Mitch Kline -
After the Firecracker 50 the day before, BG and I thought we needed a ride that felt more like a day in the woods. So we packed a couple of Dale's and headed for the Colorado Trail near Breckenridge. We also found a little slice of formerly secret flowy goodness called Blair Witch. It was a great finish to a fun weekend in Breck.
Photo by Mitch Kline -

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