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Sunday, July 13
Weekend recap
We headed to Nederland for a quickie camping trip, just last night. This morning, we packed up and headed to a trailhead juat outside of the wilderness boundary. There's far away parking, and there's close in parking - the close in parking requires driving through puddles and a creekbed for a couple hundred yards - and it gets deep enough that the tailpipe on the jeep was burbling underwater. As soon as I'm committed in the first water fjord, I look to my left and see this lady:

A bit over an hour in, we arrived at Lost Lake. Purty nice spot. Zana wants to backpack in here for a night.

Yesterday, I managed a bit of a bike ride from our campsite. A ran accross a couple groves of these - maybe 50 flowers in each. Stunning.

And yes, I did manage to ride some singletrack out there.
Blogger redstone said...
Trail looks good. Is the lake still Lost?

Blogger sda said...
Swee. I wanna go to the mud bogs and do some wheelin'.

Blogger debaser said...
naw, it weren't muddy. Rocky bottom. Jeep's cleaner now than it was before she got wet!