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Thursday, July 31
broke, then fixed

car felt weird. and car was making noise when encountering bumps in corners. got underneath and found a broken bracket to the driver side rear sway bar. the bar was flexing enough to smack the back of the mufler. a call to the salvage yard was successful. got home. put it on and car feels much better. it was pushing harder than i remember. no longer.
Blogger debaser said...
Only becasue you like cars.

I'm personally more fond of Jeeps. So it goes. Mine's due a post in another month.

Blogger CD said...
Common weak link on GC8 Subies when running aftermarket bars. I'm suprised mine are still holding together.

Blogger mw said...
i was wondering if someone made a beefy-er mount. but then, what would the weak link be? the frame? the connection to the suspension on the bottom side?