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Tuesday, July 8
Saturday afternoon CT
Photo by Mitch Kline -
After the Firecracker 50 the day before, BG and I thought we needed a ride that felt more like a day in the woods. So we packed a couple of Dale's and headed for the Colorado Trail near Breckenridge. We also found a little slice of formerly secret flowy goodness called Blair Witch. It was a great finish to a fun weekend in Breck.
Photo by Mitch Kline -

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Blogger debaser said...
Most excellent ride.

First rain ride of the season, and first paceline (under threat of lightening) in years.

Blogger redstone said...
Looks good fellas. I haven't hit that high country goodness in a long time.

Blogger sda said...
I rode my road bike a hundy on saturday. Pissed at myself for the DNF ...

Blogger debaser said...
That'll teach your legs to be weak.

Now go defend your podium in Wyo.