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Sunday, January 30
First day on the mountain this year. Posted by Hello

Appearently dirt roads was the theme of the weekend. Dan and I headed out for a ride today also... Great weather for a Jan. ride with temps in the upper 30's and little wind. The picture is of Old Darby Road and Como Peaks in the background.  Posted by Hello

Dan G crossin the bridge...a few o' you may remember Dan from Moab this last spring.  Posted by Hello

heading back toward home on Gold Creek Loop...(Sapphire Divide / Continental Divide in the back ground) Posted by Hello
Name this spot part II

Name the closest intersection and you will win a half pack of Giant Chewy Sweettarts! Posted by Hello
Hightop Chillin!

Staying on the Hightop theme here is the man himself tough guy's sippin on hot chocolate. It started snowing on this ride and Hightop talked me and magic into going out further? Tough as nails I tell ya...... unless he gets spooked by a pheasent the takes flight from the side of the road. Had to be there Hightop can't see for sh!t without his glasses! Posted by Hello
Heading out with Hightop!

It was all about gravel roads yesterday! Hightop is all loaded up and ready for the three hour tour.  Posted by Hello
Better Angle.

I thought the pic i posted the other night was a little lame. So I'll throw a better one up! Better look at the teesdale fork here. Fork rides darn good. If you get one just make sure to have tom chase all of the threads! Posted by Hello
Saturday, January 29
Works of art. Posted by Hello
Here we go. btw, what's that on the tv? And what the hell is that Samarai doing wedged between the building and that tree? Posted by Hello
didn't find ride pictures yet, but i ran into these...  Posted by Hello
Friday, January 28

Damb these are pretty cool....take your joe on the go. Stainless cage that mounts to your handlebar with a clever little cateye light mount. You've got a serious habbit if you're takin' the caffeine with you on your bike ride ?? First stage to dependency is self admittance.  Posted by Hello
Summit County is hosting the MTBR Colorado gathering this summer. I've volenteered, hoping of course that I'll end up there for a bunch of rides this year.

If some folks from the outlying lands are interested in riding some good trails with a bunch of mostly good folks, and camping out prior to and after riding, I'll pick up a campsite or two.

Dave, I keep forgetting to mention to you that if Redstone wants to help out, it's a good time to get involved. If you can't make it, I could represent.
3500 cans of beer on the wall

For 3501 cans of beer, you too could've had one of these. The promotion ended in October, though. The local Lyons Brewpub, Oskar Blues, had a deal going to promote their new canned Dale's Pale Ale. If you turned in 3501 empty, used cans of Dale's to Oskars, you would be the recipient of one of 4 of these fine bikes. I think 2 went to customers and 2 went to employees. Steve, the brewery manager got one and Dale got one. This is Dale's bike. This is the only bike that's been in the shop that I've had bike envy for. It's just so damn good looking! Click on the picture for a modem killing larger view.
Thursday, January 27
Rockin' the Granny Biaaaatches

Yeah I had to point that out before any of you biatchs did! I had to get out and get the 411 on Wilderness. Status = Ice Rink! I went in Midway and skated to the creek crossing on the bike side and decided to bail. Debaser and I were throwing emails back and forth today and he asked what the current configuration of the tiger was so I thought I would throw up pic. I figured I would ride it all night in the granny because it either gonna be a 1 X 8 or single speed in the short future. If I come across some cash I will get an ENO. That probably won't happen until fall since I am trying to scratch together a new ride before the Lyons flat tire festival. On a sidenote Dave please post Dales bike I know ya got pics! Back to the tiger just got a TET rigid fork installed and it ride purdy goood. Responds quickly but not twitchy as far as how compliant it is well its a rigid fork so its rigid. The project 2 I have seems more harsh and the Tange I have seems to have more flex then the teesdale. It looks damb good in my opinion! Well I better go Hightop called to see what was up with tomorrow night. Sounds like the boys over at L B C are having a going away party for tony at Lee's chicken tomorrow night around 7. I might have to go say some goodbyes even though I don't know him that well. Seems cool and I think he used to have a Bianchi steel Reparto corse frame a while back so he's gotta be pretty cool. Man Lee's chicken we used to go there for my Grandma's b-day every year. Her name was Irene so the piano player would always play good night Irene. That chicken joint is old skoool! Well gotta go. Shout out to chaybo Thanks for turning my sh!ty day around you put the HO in homie! Posted by Hello
Started on the Flux...
Which is, by the way, a beautiful bike. It's even nicer up close. I got started on it tonight. I got all of the major frame/fork related stuff done. I chased & faced bb, faced the disc tabes, cut the steerer tube, and pressed headset. The frame was coming to life. I got the rear der on and the cranks/bb installed when I realized that I wasn't going to just be able to get this thing together in anything remotely close to quick. Couple o' things of minor frustration - I need a 410mm post and all I've got is a 350 - anyone want to trade? - it's a Black Thomson 27.2. It's a little scuffed where it's been in the bike, but is otherwise brand new...

Yes, and more frustrating, the fact that I'll need to bleed. The rear brake routing goes thru the "taco," the seat post gusset. I've got to bleed the rear brake so's I can remove the caliper and thread the hose thru the small spaces inside of the taco.

Oh well, it'll be worth the wait. I'll have some pics soon!
Monday, January 24
The Dirty 13

I was reminded of this thing tonight. I stopped in the Monkey Wrench
for some rim tape to finish up my road wheels(Thanks for the tallboys)! I was trying to tell the story and explain this T-shirt. Kinda a long story so I will put it in the first comment.................. Posted by Hello
Sunday, January 23
This is cool I plugged in dimensions from several of my bikes. If you wander around the settings you can change it to a mountain bike. What a time vortex:)
Saturday, January 22

Thieves .... my bet is that it was one of these two that ganked your spacers. And from the looks of it getting them back will be cake. Posted by Hello
Friday, January 21
It's only 30 miles longer than Laramie...
But I think that extra 30 would be of monumental nature. I want do do this: 100 miles

I just wonder at what point would I suffer from death. I've ridden all of it except Loop 1, and that's one I've wanted to do for a while now. The riding on the east side of town involves some really, really steep terrain, too.

Anyone sick enough to want to do this? I may be coerced...
It's only 30 miles longer than the Laramie Race or...
Who's a real man? Holy shit, you have got to check this out. This could very well take the cake of being THE 100 mile race to doBreck 100

All that's up right now is the maps. It's 3 loops from downtown Breckenridge. I've ridden all of it except Loop 1. Loop 1 is all singletrack except for the bike path next to I-70. Loop 2 is 50/50 singletrack and jeep road and Loop 3 is probably 70% singletrack.

I really, really, really, really want to do this. I wonder how far I'd make it before death set in...
What's Everyone Doing this Weekend?
I'll be riding at 7:30am from the shop tomorrow. Thinkin' of hittin Hall Ranch. It's been a while since I've been out there, believe it or not. 7:30 on a Sat sure feels early, but I've got to do that to get a ride in before the shop opens. I haven't got up that early on Sat since I used to watch Superfriends back in the day!

I think on Sunday, I'll either bust out the Paramount for a road ride, or I'll roll the Croll a few miles down the highway to a moderately ok place to ride, Rabbit Mt.

I was thinking about going up to Pinewood on Sunday for a ride, but I'm feeling a little banged up after last nights uber-technical night/ice ride mission.

What are y'alls plans?
Thursday, January 20

I got a call from Hightop tonight. Everythings melting and everybody wants to ride outdoors! Well that sounds great to me. I gotta get these old hubs laced up to some MA3's. I picked up got a couple of bags of spokes and nipples from my favorite shop so it looks like after about six beers Friday evening I will have an old set of hubs laced up to a pair of new hoops. Dam rim tape gotta stop and get rim tape! Better stop on the way home! Hope everyone has a great weekend outdoors! Posted by Hello
Warm and Early!
It's warm here today. Heat wave really, predicted high of 70. Seventy in January! Damn! I hatched plans last evening.

(I'm posting the rest of this in the first comment, it's longish.)
Wednesday, January 19
Got Wilderness?

I was looking through some pictures from a few months ago and itchin for a mental ride through wilderness! I would choose mid October every single time. This was about halfway through the one of the rides where you only need your light on the second half. I love when the vines turn red like that. Its probably something nasty like posion oak? Well I do remember this ride even though 3 months have gone by. I remember because the werewolf and I met up with mg,jesse,weirdman,and jamie on the way out right at the danger sign before you ride down the hill to the tracks. We stopped to chat and everybody took advantage ya know food drink and what not. mg was havin some problems finding all his gear when he was packing up to head down the trail. Its always cool to see other riders in the park riding! Then we saw the Toad posted below. Well its in the 40's right now we might be able to ride some gravel this weekend.  Posted by Hello
Trapped Toad!

This was my first ever toad sighting in the park. Saw this toad one the way back home from Wilderness Park. Right at the top of the hill behind the new YMCA soccer and baseball fields. There was a big broken open bag of some chopped up rubbery looking stuff. You can see some of it in the background. I don't know what that stuff was for something to do with the new fields maybe? The werewolf had his helmet light pointed at the little dude.The toad was just chillin! Posted by Hello

What does a person do when it's cold, and nobody wants to visit your shop ?? Polish your bike. Posted by Hello