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Tuesday, January 18

Tuesday bike pics.  Posted by Hello
Blogger John Parker said...
you should see if you can get some more spacers in there. . .

Blogger bdiddy said...

Blogger debaser said...
that's a tall drink of water you got there.

Blogger Chaybo said...
what ??

am i missing something ?

Blogger bdiddy said...
What are the inboard holes for by the cables? I'm guessing they are for hydraulic lines.

Blogger redstone said...
That's what I thought but the Ventanas use some pretty cool "brackets" to hold the hose in so you can take it out without taking the line apart. I think those holes are for those folks that want to go full housing on derailleurs?

Blogger Chaybo said...
b to the dizzle , you can see the hose guides here : , they show a pretty good close-up of them in the second frame.

Dave's right it allows a person to cleanly run full length housing, OR one of these: ;). Brian do you remember talking to the gravity dropper guy at Interbike...Wayne Siecz ? Anyone knows of anyone who runs one of these ?

About the spacers...just so you guys know that i'm not a crack smoker or accused of something to that degree...the bike is going to a 55 year old who would prefer not to have to tuck. Catch my draft ?

Blogger bdiddy said...
Just bustin your chops chaybo!

I went to interbike? Memory is kinda blurry. Yeah was he that dude from boz? Racer type dude. Parked over by Morati who had a free keg of Good Beer!

Blogger Chaybo said...
well give me a complex why don't you. hehehe

The pilsner beer was at the Morati exhibit, which gave me goose bumps at the time. Local rider was sposored by those guys...he'd show up to cross races on a full ti bike, campy RECORD equipped !! King hubs laced to tubulars, it was an incredible that i couldn't imagine torturing in the mud.

He sold it this year used for $1500 complete !!

anyway...back to your question...i think Wayne's booth was really close to the morati, you must remember him flipping that damb switch back and was his entire sales pitch.

Blogger debaser said...
I think Dave and I rode with a guy on new year's eve that had one. Posts as rmac over on mtbr. He was raving about it.

I'll pass on one of those.

Blogger redstone said...
Record ti cross bikes? I have no idea why you'd want to do that, but there's a bunch of them at local cross races here. Waste of money. I'd rather spend my cash on headset spacers.

Blogger Chaybo said...
don't worry dave .... redstone is expanding and you might be able to make some room for headset spacers in your shop someday !!