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Friday, January 28
3500 cans of beer on the wall

For 3501 cans of beer, you too could've had one of these. The promotion ended in October, though. The local Lyons Brewpub, Oskar Blues, had a deal going to promote their new canned Dale's Pale Ale. If you turned in 3501 empty, used cans of Dale's to Oskars, you would be the recipient of one of 4 of these fine bikes. I think 2 went to customers and 2 went to employees. Steve, the brewery manager got one and Dale got one. This is Dale's bike. This is the only bike that's been in the shop that I've had bike envy for. It's just so damn good looking! Click on the picture for a modem killing larger view.
Blogger bdiddy said...
Thanks for the new Wallpaper Dave:)

Blogger Chaybo said...
thanks for sharing the pic Dave !!

now get back to shoveling snow :)