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Monday, January 24
The Dirty 13

I was reminded of this thing tonight. I stopped in the Monkey Wrench
for some rim tape to finish up my road wheels(Thanks for the tallboys)! I was trying to tell the story and explain this T-shirt. Kinda a long story so I will put it in the first comment.................. Posted by Hello
Blogger bdiddy said...
The Dirty 13. I rolled up on this damb thing with Chad, Tracey and Doug. We were all racing a lot at the time(I think Doug's still fast!) and dirty 13 it's gotta be a race! Let's go kick some ass Boyyyeeeeee! We left from C and T's ghetto apt. on 13th and rainbow(Three blocks away from the KU med center Tra was in school at the time) I think we threw some head and tail lights on it was late sept. I think? Well it was a 20-30 minute ride at which point Chad said we're here and hopped a curb and started riding through a field that went around the backside of a school house that made the closed down woodeir school on vine street look like safe place to go! Well from what I could make out there was an old gravel track kinda like the one in cutters. I think it looked like that. There was one light on the back of the school about 100 yards away. It was pretty close to completely dark. So we all huddled around the bleachers and some guy gave the rules.

1. Thirteen laps
3.First one to finish buys the first round.

I think I can handle that. I know I won't be buying the first round because there is no way Chad’s gonna let me beat him. The rest of the guys that were there built up the crazy ass beaters that they had built up that day. So somebody hooted and the thing started. We were cruising around for a couple and then some shot's off like a rabbit. Not for the whole thing maybe for a lap. Well there were trash cans out on the track and when we were going fast they changed the darn things. So I think we stopped to grab fresh beers and try to peer into the darkness and find the trashcans that were out there. No luck went back out to finish up and the closer to the 13 th lap the more the trash cans were changed sometimes rolling. We finished up and headed over in a pack of about 30 to some place called the 198 th street brewery? I think. Cool place the kinda place that had all of the regular’s personal beer steins hanging all over the walls with their names on them. Drank a bunch of good beer and shared stories with some peps that I sometimes wonder if I will ever see again. Hopefully Chaybo will add some details I think he went to a few. I was lucky enough to go to one! Those KC boys sure know how to have a good time!

Blogger redstone said...
That sound like a hell of a lot of fun. Chaybo's told me stories about those races.

Blogger Chaybo said...
Rollin' back the clock a little with this one !! Sweet !

First..props to Kevin Lee, the guy who designed the shirt...incredible detail went into it. Glad i got two of em'

The dirty thirteen was basically a fun drinking event and a way to kick the weekend off with a BANG !! The guys in charge, if you wanna call it that, were fellas that always spoke about drinking and biking in the same sentence...ALWAYS. In short, a bunch of punk rockers that loved to bike, and ride SS!! Not really sure who the brainchild was, but i'm pretty sure it was a collaboration of a few. Anyway... i just remember that every friday morning started with a round of phone calls of shit talking....3 or 4 bike shops would represent on the regular...everyone trying their best to provoke each other. I've always been one for instigation so it didn't take much selling to rope me in.

basically the idea was to race/beat each other(literally) 13 laps around a dark, and knarly dirt/gravel track...a couple 2 or 3 dozen people on a small oval track was plenty....(think roller derby). You'd have one shop pulling for one guy to win with the others blocking, hitting or crowding out the others. For some people their role was to move large obstacles into a blind path, hell you could barely make out the white gravel let alone a large black rubbermaid trash can !! I've actually nailed one before...and it HURT !!!! Geting a can wrapped under the backside of your front wheel stops a bike purdy darn fast (even faster than a black cat on the mopac, which i've done too). I think i even remember having to wipe coffee grinds, and who know what off...even worse tho, was the beer drinking at a public spot afterwards.

What a blast though cruising through those loose corners with a couple of guys on each side of you, maybe one of them had a PBR in his hand laughing his ass off. Those crazy KC folk...yep they know some good times.

I think the boys only did this for like one summer...i joined in maybe 5 or 6 times, each time i'd head home drunker than $h!t, and tracy PISSEd off wondering were the heck i've been, and why i smelled like crap :)

Even better tho was the urban night rides in Dtown KC...or how about the ghetto singletrack...broken glass and empppty syringes anyone ???

Blogger debaser said...
Sounds looney. In a good way, of coarse.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Maybe there is a place and a person in Lincoln that would start up something like this! I wouldn't miss it.

Blogger Chaybo said...
looney ???? actually bordering stupidity !

Young and dumb ...isn't that the old cliche ?

Blogger redstone said...
I loved that Ghetto route. I still look back on that ride as being super fun. That was kind of a kitchen sink route. Everything.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The brewery in KC is the 75th street brewery. It's on 75th (duh) just east of state line rd on the MO side. All of their beer is made in house, imagine if Lazlo's was just a bar!!! Yeah, that place rocks. All of the steins are part of the mug club, something like $40 a year, and you get $2 or $2.50 refills of your mug for the whole year.

We've had a bastard stepchild of an event like that. The 'Dirty Crit' has happened twice, I think, and it's more or less a race around UNL campus followed by a good derby. Watch out for a guy named Scott Showen, he derby's like a defensive lineman. Everybody buys their own beer though.


Blogger Chaybo said...
Yeah ....that's the name of the place !! Cool bar, great beer, and actually decent food too.

I used to live around the 29th and state line vicinity ( The Dirty Dot (Wyndote county)) and rarely went to 75th ST brewery because of our close proximity to Westport OR SW Boulevard.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, is the affore mentioned Doug, Doug Plumer by chance?


Blogger Chaybo said...
Yep...Plummer it is.

I originally met Doug and a really good friend of his - Ian Kirby from heading down to Kansas to race year after year...Dave Chase, Brian Ganzel and I were loading up the wagon and heading down to Topeka, and Lawrence damb near 4-5 times a year so we eventually got to know these fellas pretty good...

So when Tracy and i headed down to KC for a couple of years, naturally i called these two to find out the shop scoop and where to work. I ended up getting a damb good paying job at Bikesource and lived within a mile of DP's we rode, hung out, and so on. I got to know the cat pretty good....i enjoyed his chick fiasco's, his impeccable training philosephy, and his humor. These two fellas cetainly made tracy and i feel at home during our short stay.

I haven't talked to Doug in months..actually more like a year. But the mid-west is small and i hear updates from time to time. If you know him and ever talk to him tell em' i said hello.

Blogger debaser said...
Those were the days! Chad and Chase cuddling in the back of the tan van, after I charged admission, of course.