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Wednesday, January 12
Good Morning Bloggers!
Maybe I forgot to introduce myself bdiddy Chief editor! Please keep the Classifieds in the classifieds. Have a nice day :)
Blogger redstone said...
I couldn't find the classified section. Perhaps the delete happy administrator forgot to set it up?

And I thought this was a candid site for freinds to stay connected?

nevermind. I better watch what I say, least it get deleted.

Blogger debaser said...
might as well head back to those public websites.

Blogger Chaybo said...
thanks brian....i for one really don't want to see this turn INTO a classified section either. Come on brutha Dave..your first post on the new Blog and you try selling a road bike ( a beautiful bike non the less )...better yet how about a photo tour of the new shop.

Blogger debaser said...
ok, so no selling here.

care to post the rules before crushing my spirit by deleting my posts? No making fun of your humps or spacers?

Blogger htop said...
ok, i am sorry for the reference to my bike on we go to far, is there any other things we shouldnt talk about?.

Blogger redstone said...
Well, I thought this was just another avenue for freindly discussion. If I have anything interesting like this come along again, I'll know not to mention it to any of you guys here. I don't want to see anymore Flux pics either. In fact, I shouldn't put up any pics of the shop, because I wouldn't want anyone to misconstrue that as an attempt to sell any of my inventory online.

The part that bdiddy edited was the price, etc. The main reason that I put that up there was to solicit your experienced cycling opinions as to whether it was correct or not. I won't solicit help here anymore either. Sheeez y'all are touchy.

Blogger debaser said...
I'd rather see what's for sale in our little world. I'd be annoyed when:

1. Sale item is posted excessively.
2. All we ever hear from someone is what's for sale.
3. Chad sells what I want to somebody in Florida.

Anybody have a sandwich? I'm hungry.

Dave, everything I know about high-end road bike sales comes from rbreview and ebay. That said, looks like I could buy a dura-10 bike for less.

Blogger bigmech said...
This is my first post, and I have missed all the whining. Okay guys, keep it nice if you want me to start postin'.

Personally, I don't want to see any road bike that doesn't have a 59cm top tube!