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Wednesday, January 19
Can you say ' Permanent Damage' ?
Read on fella's .... i can't wit to get your reactions to this stunt:

Spinning record
Italian ultra-cyclist Alessandro Colo has set a new record for riding an indoor bike (spinning), doing so for 201 hours, 1 minute and 8 seconds between December 27, 2004 and January 4, 2005. Colo covered 5819 km in his stationary ride, and along the way lowered his previous record time for 5000 km to 174 hours, 12 minutes and 29 seconds. Everything was checked with an odometer and an ergometer and during the rides he only stopped briefly to use the bathroom.

I'll start with.. WHY ?
Blogger redstone said...
I think he must've already suffered permanent brain damage. Why else would he attempt such a freak task?

I'm 45 minutes on a trainer, tops.

Blogger htop said...
i can make it around 2.5 hours, but i have to take breaks. maybe he was trying to impress some of the fine italian women, can you say STAMINA!!.

Blogger Chaybo said...
htop .... now come'on, we know you better than that. Fess up to all of those 5 hour rides you do on the rollers !

Blogger htop said...
really, the longest i made it was 3 hours. i would be interested to know what this guys surrondings were like. music? windows? etc. i have heard about i guy here in lincoln who was training for the race across america that was riding 24 hours on his trainer to prepare for the race.