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Thursday, January 13
Fresh from Lawson MO
thanks for sending this Craig...

Appearently in the town of Lawson ( NE of KCity) it is illegal to park your bike on the sidewalk, and fines are being written to those who do not abide by this bull-shit rule. In a town of less than 2000 you would think that visitors stopping through to spend a dime or two would be warmly accepted...welp... guess not.

I think this town is a candidate for a critical mass ride from the very fine folks of on.

Blogger debaser said...
Did Officer Marti move down there.

Man I hated that guy, all riding on the sidewalks like he was the king of the world. I remember seeing him undercover at a 311 show at Pershing. He was wearing a stocking cap and a dirty looking flannel shirt (dude! It's 311 not Pearl Jam!). After I pointed him out to whoever I was with he wandered somewhere else..

Blogger Chaybo said...
What in the hell are you talking about Bryan...we must be talking about a different officer Marti...because the guy i know kicks serious ass,and has always had my respect. And as far as i know he still patrols DTown Lincoln (someone help me here if i'm wrong, cuz i been gone for awhile), hell he was king of O st' for as long as i can remember. I think you were just use to life in Omaha and having to deal with all the crap on the streets. If you ask me i think he was on top of crap, allthough he did have a quench for dim college honey's. ....hhmm, i did too !! I think you're still sore about the time he busted you for pissin' in the alley ??? Or something to that degree

Blogger debaser said...
the same ocifer Marti who would tell us to walk our bikes one minute and be doing trials on a bus bench the next?

Blogger Chaybo said...
don't be an arse ...that's called on the job training !!!

Blogger debaser said...
Just calling him out on his bs actions, that's all.

At least he wasn't out beating the Rodney King's of the world.