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Sunday, January 16

Anyone have any opinions on this thing? Jeep Gladiator concept. Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
Well, It looks good. Supposedly based upon the 'new' Wrangler style.

Not enough of a back seat though. Our Thanksgiving trip to Moab was done in a Tacoma 4door, and it was about right. Room for gear, bikes, 4 people, 2 dogs. Something along those lines is probably what we'll replace the Cherokee with. It'd be sweet if Jeep got their shit together and made a 4 door truck with a bed that looks like the above. We've got about 5 years, with any luck, before we'll be shopping, so hopefully they'll get it straight!

Saw a new Nissan 4 door truck today. Looked purty good too.

Blogger htop said...
i wont buy another jeep product ever again(and i will never buy a car from mardock motors in crete). as soon as i build up a good amount of coin and stop buying bikes i will sell my jeep. my first jeep was the bomb though, i should have never of traded it in. next will be a vw or subaru.

Blogger debaser said...
We've bought a Subaru. Love it so far (only 7500 miles, but good stuff).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
From sam@lbc

I owned a jeep for a couple of years myself and would say that their quality as a company has declined throughout the 90's. My old man has a 91 cherokee that's still kickin'. But as you get closer to the present year with those things it seems the tranny's and other important things like clutch plates and clutch master cylinders seemed to get cheaper...and I don't mean inexpensive! That pickup looks fun though. I guess if you got money to waste, lease it. If you buy it, get an extended warranty, cause your gonna need it.