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Thursday, January 13

I work with Dave P. and have been known to spin the pedals with him from time to time. Dave has been a full on SS speed rider for a few years now. Wish I had a YBB hangin in the garage like you Dave:) Well looky who got themselves a new bicycle. Yup custom made spicer cycles. I have seen a few of their forks and one crusier style frame on (Newsboy replica) MTBR but I have never had a chance to look, touch, and drool directly on or at one. Dave came up with this cool idea of a twin top tube that splits at the seat and each tube continues on down the seat stay and ends at the dropout. Something like that see pictures below! Check out the internal cable routing! I don't think Dave had his hands on it 24 hours before he had it completed. He was very glad that Nate over at Monkey Wrench Cycles had a project two with a disc tab so Dave could get his bike together in time for some Jim Craig preseason action. Nate your tha Man! Dave real sweet rig! Hope to see more of you this riding season!
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Blogger John Parker said...

Blogger redstone said...
That's a beautiful bike. I really like the faux-cantilever style frame with the hidden brake hose. Very nice.

A customer of mine brought his custom Spicer SS frame by the shop a week or so ago. It was sweet, but a little more rough terrain oriented. It had a fairly upright geometry and it was a burly steel bike. The coolest thing about it was the under the eccentric bb, a steel tubing bb/chainguard protector was welded on as part of the frame. Spicer is the real deal. From Indiana, no less. Go midwest!

Blogger debaser said...
Very nice, I think I saw a link to that somewhere else. Was it a trials oriented bike, or something? I've got that messed up rear brake routing on the Enduro (Hangs down about 2" under the bb) and I've not had issues after nearly a year of riding, so I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish.

Sweet bikes one way or another. Purpose and beauty built.

Blogger mg said...
that's an amazing bike dave. congratulations! those welds are very nice. obviously a skilled hand put them down... and titanium. it's forever.


Blogger J.R.A. said...
Looks great. I've only heard of Spicer. Very clean welds and build! Makes me jealous.


Blogger Chaybo said...
Dave P. ... damb nice bike man !! I really like the twin TT tubes running parallel to each other..don't know what function they have, but asthetically it looks dope. Good choice on brakes too...discs are cool !!

thanks for sharing !!