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Wednesday, January 12
Lyons Urbal Night Ride
Wednesday night this week was my night, so I had planned to ride. Man, one thing about when you have less time to ride, you take what you can get, huh? Case in point - woke up this morning to a shitstorm of wet snow. It then warmed up to about 35 and sun today, so all of the slush melted off to reveal dry roads. Suboptimal off road night riding conditions, but I hadn't ridden in too damn long so I went. M & Z went to the gym after work so I had an empty house pre ride. It was great. I put in the Cult's "Sonic Temple" and rocked out to Fire Woman whilst I gathered all that which was necessary for night riding. I don't think the dog liked it too much, but Ian Astbury rocks the house. With a little Fire Woman on the brain, I was prepared to face the cold. It was just under 30 and dark when I left.

Turns out, it was great. Hall Ranch would've been fun with the fresh snow but with the park caretaker living by one parking lot and the local PTA president living by the other, it seemed to highlight the illegality of riding in Boulder Open Space at night. That, and the fact that I got scared shitless from what I thought surely had to have been a mtn lion the last 2 times I rode out there at night solo. I'm chicken, I admit, but I don't want to be any kind of meeow mix for a 150lb kitty.

So I went urbal. Lyons doesn't have any kind of dramatic downtown urban to ride, although there's a nice stair jump over in front of the high school. Mix that up with some rural-ish ghetto singletrack and dirt roads and you get urbal. It was good, though. Maybe I just savor riding more that it comes less frequently, I don't know. There's actually some fun bits o' singletrack around town. Working with the town, hopefully we'll be able to cut some more fresh singletrack in the hills around town. That'd make for a great winter ride loop.

I'm babbling, here's a pic by the ice skating rink an the N St Vrain:

Blogger debaser said...
Take what you can get. Riding is riding, even if it's not very sexy.

Parents are visiting this weekend. I'm riding next weekend (snow, wheels, either or, I don't care).

Blogger bdiddy said...
Yeah I second that get in where ya fit in! Do I have to pay you royalties to use that word? Once again good story Dave.