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Thursday, January 20
Warm and Early!
It's warm here today. Heat wave really, predicted high of 70. Seventy in January! Damn! I hatched plans last evening.

(I'm posting the rest of this in the first comment, it's longish.)
Blogger debaser said...
The alarm got me up at 6:15. Ouch. Still pitch dark outside. Ran through some of the normal routine, downstairs to make coffee and lunch. Then it all changes.

Back upstairs and to the bike clothes disaster in the spare bedroom, fishing around for some clean clothes. Out to the garage, grabbing a backpack. Down the the basement to save the Merckx from the gloom and doom of the trainer. Filling waterbottles. Digging around for some kneewarmers. Where did I put those shoes? Why is it so early? What am I doing?

Oh, yeah, there's going to be some payback for misssing sleep today!

Made it out of the house at 6:45. It's light enough to not need a headlight, but i'm running a taillight for those drivers still half asleep. It's dawn, and it's warm. The weather babe on tv says it's already 42 - it feels like 52. From my door I hit a climb that warms me too much, I'm sweating 3 minutes into the ride! But the sunrise is spectacular! Some clouds, colors, hardly any traffic. Down the big hill towards work (think a bit bigger than Denton Hill) and I'm not even catching a chill!

Anyway, kick it was a kick ass ride into work today. The Merckx is up to a pathetic 169 miles. Gotta get it out a bunch this year! I'll be riding home in shorts and shortsleeves. Can't wait!

Blogger Chaybo said...
nice ganz...your ride home should be good too from the sounds of the weather ya'll are having. How far is your commute ?

Blogger debaser said...
My commute is about 10-12 miles depending on which way I take. I'm lucky enough to have a few trails in between if I decide to take the cross bike, and it's dry.

Blogger mw said...
my commute is about 2.5 miles. 29th street baby. shitty ass slush and ice here. but it did get warm here too. nice actually. we need more thaw and then freezing to get wilderness back. i can't wait to ride my new ride on the dirt even tho its the same as my ss.

Blogger John Parker said...
I attempted a mountain ride today up at Pipestone. It failed miserably, although I got in a few hours of muddy road riding. Probably took a couple months off of the life of my drivetrain. There are some pics on MTBR in the local forum.

Blogger redstone said...
What a great day. I got out on the Paramount over lunch. Sure, it was only a 45 minute ride, but I was wearing short sleeves and shorts!

I decided that the day was so nice I might as well squeeze in a night ride, too. Miguel, Lou and another guy (jeff) came out from Greeley. We met up with Bernie and rode Hillside in PWS and played around on the rocks. It wasn't too warm up there! First time I've ever ridden that at night. It was a hoot. I failed miserably on that technical bastard. LOTS of ice, too.

Blogger debaser said...
I wore my summer clothes on then way home. It was a bit cool, especially near the still ice covered irrigation ditches and creeks, but how often can you dress like that in January without getting frostbite?