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Sunday, January 9

Finally on the lifts !!! thanks homie for hookin' my mp3 player up last night, sking solo was super fun while grooving to Talking Heads, Neil Young, and Phish. The Snow was really good. I got into one situation were i was sking out of bounderies in some powder that was a good 20 inches deep and in the middle of one of my turns i was ejected from my ski.....i had to search for that damb thing for almost 20 minutes. Nothing else to report other than NOW i'm kinda tires sipping on a brew, and i still have to go finish that damb bike !! LATER Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
Get back to work!

I still havn't seen a lift this year, due to my lameness.

Blogger Chaybo said... me i paid the price for my wreckless behavior, i've got toothpicks under my eyelids as i write this. My ol' man always use to say ' Work before play ', for some reason i couldn't catch on to that phrase.