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Sunday, January 30
Hightop Chillin!

Staying on the Hightop theme here is the man himself tough guy's sippin on hot chocolate. It started snowing on this ride and Hightop talked me and magic into going out further? Tough as nails I tell ya...... unless he gets spooked by a pheasent the takes flight from the side of the road. Had to be there Hightop can't see for sh!t without his glasses! Posted by Hello
Blogger Chaybo said...
what's up htop ?? is it trick photography or does htop always look so damb cool !!

Blogger htop said...
we had to do alot of "alterations" on this pic. some of the best riding so far with the boys on gravel. ok, yep, i cant see well without my prescription on. we had just went past the waco compound looking thing that had me a little freaked out when this pheasant rooster comes out of the ditch right next to me and i thought i was being attacked by the damn thing, we all had a good chuckle.