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Thursday, January 20

I got a call from Hightop tonight. Everythings melting and everybody wants to ride outdoors! Well that sounds great to me. I gotta get these old hubs laced up to some MA3's. I picked up got a couple of bags of spokes and nipples from my favorite shop so it looks like after about six beers Friday evening I will have an old set of hubs laced up to a pair of new hoops. Dam rim tape gotta stop and get rim tape! Better stop on the way home! Hope everyone has a great weekend outdoors! Posted by Hello
Blogger redstone said...
Ahhhhhh. Campy. purty

Blogger Chaybo said...
how about a follow up after you get them built ? Wait till you finished the sixth beer before you start in on em'

Blogger Chaybo said...
those cleaned up nice man...i agree with DC, they sure are purty !!