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Thursday, January 27
Rockin' the Granny Biaaaatches

Yeah I had to point that out before any of you biatchs did! I had to get out and get the 411 on Wilderness. Status = Ice Rink! I went in Midway and skated to the creek crossing on the bike side and decided to bail. Debaser and I were throwing emails back and forth today and he asked what the current configuration of the tiger was so I thought I would throw up pic. I figured I would ride it all night in the granny because it either gonna be a 1 X 8 or single speed in the short future. If I come across some cash I will get an ENO. That probably won't happen until fall since I am trying to scratch together a new ride before the Lyons flat tire festival. On a sidenote Dave please post Dales bike I know ya got pics! Back to the tiger just got a TET rigid fork installed and it ride purdy goood. Responds quickly but not twitchy as far as how compliant it is well its a rigid fork so its rigid. The project 2 I have seems more harsh and the Tange I have seems to have more flex then the teesdale. It looks damb good in my opinion! Well I better go Hightop called to see what was up with tomorrow night. Sounds like the boys over at L B C are having a going away party for tony at Lee's chicken tomorrow night around 7. I might have to go say some goodbyes even though I don't know him that well. Seems cool and I think he used to have a Bianchi steel Reparto corse frame a while back so he's gotta be pretty cool. Man Lee's chicken we used to go there for my Grandma's b-day every year. Her name was Irene so the piano player would always play good night Irene. That chicken joint is old skoool! Well gotta go. Shout out to chaybo Thanks for turning my sh!ty day around you put the HO in homie! Posted by Hello
Blogger debaser said...
I think you mentioned just about everybody in that post.

Bike looks good. I was hoping you'd eno'd it so I could get some feedback. Perhaps your money tree has died also?

Blogger redstone said...
Sweet Bdiddy. Tiger looks good crouching in the rocks. That'll make a bombastic single speed.

Blogger mw said...
damm. i was hoping to hear wilderness would be better then an ice rink. we rode thru sunday morning and it was pretty fun. some ice but not too bad. there was 4-wheeler tracks and you could ride thru on those pretty good.