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Monday, January 17

Magic won the Bi. Looks like wearing running shoes was the tatic that paid off. He pushed my 30 pound commuter to victory! Way to go Magic! The werewolf ended up third. Good Job. I haven't been to a Jim Craig production for a while and almost forgot how much fun a guy can have when its 10 degrees pushing my bike around panama. The next one is Februar 13 with the classic bring something get something raffle. People are still bitchin' aboutn the purple anodized barend brake lever extensions I gave out a few years ago:) The shop had a dozen pair they donated. Who the hell uses their brakes on a climb? Or rides on their barends on a downhill sounds like a good way to die. If anyone has a pic of these things in use I've gotta see it. Anyway way to go guys. Posted by Hello
Blogger J.R.A. said...
I pussed out. I stayed home and watched football. I plan on making it to the next one. Were you able to ride the bike at all?

Anyway nice job guys! I'm sure it was fun. I'm sure the secret to magic's victory was the bike!


Blogger redstone said...
Go Magic! Did he sell his Titus?

Looks like fun - I miss the JC productions

Blogger debaser said...
A bike for sale? Tell me more!

That bike is dangerous. Has a habit of tossing folks on their asses.

Blogger Chaybo said...
hey many people had to help you stretch that hat onto your head. That can't be good for brain circulation....just a pal looking out for ya.

And Jesus christ ... that cheap bastard JCraig only gave you one cheap Ollie Pop for your hard earned win !! ffffffghhhh, you can count me out ! I'm sure it helped CLEAN out the system a little ?