stone cold lampin'
we like bikes!
Blogger redstone said...
That bike looks pfs. It's not for sale, it it? :)

Whose bike and what is it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
nice blog dude,
who is this,

hmmm, another biker bloggin in Lincoln,
I don't know weather to feal cheated,
or stoked,

probably stoked...
well, I gotta throw up some pics on my blog
see ya

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I got sent your blog from Wills in Lincoln
I just looked it over a little more,
you guys arn't from lincoln,
so my last comment is uh, purdy stupid and off the cuff.

something tells me we know each other, or some of the same folks.

well, we seem to be into the same stuff.

check it.

nice rig dude,
nice rig.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey, did you guys see em, found your hat on the october beer ride, she just let me know,
it's on the lincoln blog.

Mr. Kirk,
capt. nice to meet you.

Blogger debaser said...
Awwww, shit. There's gonna be a tussle.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Be stoked my man! It's just a different flavor of Kool-Aid! MG showed me your site over the holidays and i thought it would be a great way to keep up with my homeboys that are out west. Anyone on two wheels is welcome here.

Blogger redstone said...
and Kool Aid is from Nebraska.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's all good,
nice to see more people keeping in touch,
gotta use this crazzy technology for some good,

looking at bikes,
chattin with buddies,
settin up rides,
hanging out.

I was still at a loss for putting names to faces, and getting everything straight untill talking more with MW and Dan Kelley,
then I was oh, yeah,
I've been really, really fucked up with those cats before, yup,
it's a good thing man.

see ya soon dude, see ya soon.

the only tustlin I do, is trying to get the damn cap off my beer bottle, or open that pack of m&m's

Blogger debaser said...
I really wanted to see a tustle, like Bdiddy and Magic in moab. Great entertainment!

Nice blog over there.