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Monday, January 30
Chaybo had a small run of woolies made up. I'm wearing mine to bed tonight.
Sunday, January 29
date with an old friend.

In an effort to make a familiar trail feel new again, I hit the old standby with the Croll. Man, it's hard to believe that bike is almost 9 years old. It doesn't feel that long ago!

Although I floundered a little bit climbing up thru the rock garden, it was great to get out on the hardtail. I need to get the Zip up there one of these days, too. Chaybo, want to bring down the 1 or the 2 and go for a classics ride?
Thursday, January 26
favorite tree
have you happen to seen

the most beautiful bike in the world?

umm. yeah. anyways. this was from last weekend. rode from bellevue to platte. it was weird to go south. i'm used going north up to bellevue. via la differance. seemed faster. had a tail wind. pushed the 2x1 gear around at platte. that hurt. worth doing tho. had to get a big run at everything and grunt it out.
Finally got out on the bike post-work last night. Most folks in these parts like to get out around 7 for nightrides, but I'm out of work three hours before then most days, so I like to head out earlier. Last night I headed home for some local stuff solo style, and I'm aiming to get out tonight with some folks around 5:30.

I'm in the middle of a 12 day stint of work. Saturday morning, I'm headed to NYC for a weeklong trade show. I should be able to get around a bit and check some sights at night. Traveling is good, but a week is too damned long.

(more pictures via the title link)
Sunday, January 22
Some snow rides
With the snow we got this week I wasn't so eager to load up the car, so I've been hitting the local rides. Sure are a lot more interesting with a touch of snow and cold.

I scored a wide flat bar from Bdiddy. Thanks, it's exactly what that bike needed.

Saturday, January 21
Lost Horse Road was a Byotch

Jesus H chrimany.......18 inches of overnight snow and the pugs was at it's limit. More than once i found myself thinking "snowshoes". Anyway....rick and i trudged on and further on down the road we met up with a few snowmobilers that were more than a little intrigued with what the hell we were up to. We exchanged hellos and they left comments on the size of our tires and we were off. The trail was really soft and on the way up it was little ring action and in the back very thankful for the 34 cog. A soft pedaling action was best. After a couple of hours of floundering around in the powder we decided to head it on in, and it was almost as hard coming back downhill as it was going up.

We both decided that a stop at Lost Horse Saloon was a must.

take care friends !
Friday, January 20
more snow ridin'
Little Z had a doctor appt yesterday so I took the day off. Go to hang with her all day then go for a ride when she laid down for a nap. Conditions were top notch. 2-4 inches of fresh snow on top of 100% dry ground made for a fun ride at Hall.

I followed up the ride with 2 nights of proper post ride evening relaxation.

Dad brought out some homebrews. These are superb. Among the best I've had of Dad's Beer.

It's been a good winter.
Pugsley Ride = Good

Night ride tonite on the pugs's with Gager. 2 hour slidding around in the snow and man was it so much friggin fun....The climb was good, kinda slow, but traction was at a premium. We climbed up skalkaho pass for about hour and a half and then turned it back around and man Gager was just flying...i could have used goggles for SURE.

Fun shit !
Wednesday, January 18
One of the lucky ones.
This has been the scene most of the week where the computer usually sits. An empty void.

$300 later, here I am, back up, all data was ok. Don't be a dummy (like me) and go back yer shit up now, just in case. All the nerdy kids do it, for good reason.

Sunday, January 15
did i spin through "the park" on friday afternoon and then headed out to watch the sun set on blue stem lake, enjoyed my poptarts and the calmness of the night while sitting on the middle of the dam. thats right ladies, i am romantic. i decided not to ride "the park" over the weekend, i figured there would be alot of people in there and the thought of a head on collision and the subsequent loss of my job as GQ cover model was to much to handle. i decided the head out on some gravel and got myself completely throttled by the time i made it home. recovered by watching this "pod" about fainting goats on the current channel(man, i love this channel). check em out - do your homework before purchasing one of these for your farm. spent sunday morning on the road bike, an easy spin was what the legs and the mind needed. after the morning cup of motivation i headed out south, then over towards hallam. its amazing that this little town was all but leveled by a tornado 1.5 years ago. if you get a chance, go take a look, the roads around there are all new blacktop and very nice. the only bad thing is that they took all of the trees out while resurfacing the roads, should make for some nice cross-wind battles on the wed. night world championships. i hope everyone enjoyed the weather, looks like some real winter while finally be returning.
Thursday, January 12
a few pics to share

Took off out of here kinda early today for a little walk with intentions of damage control, yep the waist has been growing and growing all season long so today i tried to walk it all off. Unfortunately my legs gave out on me after about 4 hours.....spud and I had alot of fun though as we got onto some fresh elk tracks early on and eventually found a small herd of 40-50. So we sat behind a tree and watched them....spud was intent with sitting as well as his belly has gotten much bigger than mine. But anyway, we got fairly close to the group, close enough were i could distinctively make out the bulls in the group, and my guess is that there were at least 8 or 9 of them. One was a monster and he was nervous....i'm sure he felt our presence.

So spud and i eased on out and got back to our task.

Nothing else to report other than to note how cool it is to see all of the game tracks written in snow.

Wednesday, January 11
I would pay to see an Ogre cry!
Hello blogladites. It is time for ol bdiddy to blow the cobwebs off of the keyboard and put up a fresh post! First post of the ' o 6 to be exact. The pic above is from 2004 MT,CO,NE combined mounting biking adventure to Moab. Rick aka "SHREK" the dude front and center here had a purdy ruff '05 story here I met Rick in '03 my second visit to MT. Not more than 5 minutes after meeting this guy he had offered me a beer started flipping me some shit and then proceeded to tell me about the sweet Bitterroot singletrack he was going to show me the next morning. In the first five minutes I met this dude I knew exactly why these guys all pulled together and did something so cool for someone that is at the core of their group. I was bummed to hear your Dad is gone. I instantly thought of the time he came to our rescue. Rick, Chad, and Dan had planed on taking me on a ride called overwhich falls. It was a shuttle we left chad's truck at the bottom and took Rick's to the start point. Good ride 30 minute climb and at least three times that long coming down. Somehow the keys had been left at the trailhead. Rick says no problem gives his pop a call and 10 minutes later there he was glad to be able to help out. I will always remember that ride back down the mountain I think he turned me greener than an Ogre. Super nice guy and I was glad he came to help out that day.

Rick ya got a new bike to ride that's already a sign that this year will be better for you. Keep the good vibe going up there in MT. I look forward to riding with you in '06!
Sunday, January 8
MIA? Dad!
Here's our newest future cyclist. Proud papa Mic and daughter Giulia! (I hope thats the correct spelling, pronounced Julia to us ugly Americans, shortened to Jules, or Lia, but not Julie.)

She's a cutie!

More lefthanded fun
What you don't see: Hiking, 40 degree temps, 20 mph winds (gusting to who knows what). Damn, it was fun to ride on some raw, non-sanitised trails for a change.

Great ride this morning. When I was driving down thru the foothills to get to our spot, I could see some very low level clouds blowing out of the canyon into the sun. They left a fresh blanket. mmmm, good. Today was a LOT of hiking up with one of the Front Ranges best kept secrets down. Marked, open, legal, and unridden (and sometimes unrideable) by bikes. Here's Debaser on the traverse.
Thursday, January 5
It's super yummy.

Ran across this pic of Debasers latested build on another blog. I thought i would post it here to since it was missing from his previous collage.
Tuesday, January 3
Something new brewing up in Lyons
And its tasty...

Sunday, January 1
new years festivities part 4

Today....was purdy much a day of rest.

Football .... watching the Cheifs pummel the Bengals

Playing with the kids and their X-mas toys (go moto or go home)

and going for a walk
new years part 3

saturday..... in the park, i think it was the fourth of july

so yep, we took the family up to Missoula on saturday afternoon to the River Park for their annual 'First Night' celebration. Carousel's, Pony rides, magic shows, and Mackenzie River Pizza (which was the highlight of my night).....the kids were having a blast until we got into that dang-dern magic show. Cool show, but i don't think the kids cared for it much. Let's just say 3yr old melt downs X 2.

So anyway after the show we headed on back to the bitteroot and hung out around the t.v. till the ball dropped in NYC....we made our resolutions, had a couple of smooches and listened to the locals blow shit up until way past 3am. Well maybe it wasn't fireworks...i suppose it may have been ammunition.
New years highlights-2

then on friday we took Caelen up to Lost Trail and enrolled the little feller into ski school......friggin $30 an hour for a private lesson, not a bad deal i suppose unless the little bugger gets cold after 30minutes and wants to go in for hot cocoa...and yep thats what he did. I think our little fella enjoys the socializing in the lodge more so than sliding uncontrolably down a hill.

Regardless .... tracy and i still enjoyed the 1 hrs worth of free time.
New Year's highlights

Welp....hope everyone stayed safe and all during the weekends are a few pictures that i thought i'd share.

xc skiing at cheif joseph