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Thursday, January 26
have you happen to seen

the most beautiful bike in the world?

umm. yeah. anyways. this was from last weekend. rode from bellevue to platte. it was weird to go south. i'm used going north up to bellevue. via la differance. seemed faster. had a tail wind. pushed the 2x1 gear around at platte. that hurt. worth doing tho. had to get a big run at everything and grunt it out.
Blogger debaser said...
How's the training been going, racerboy? You getting some sleek new spandex for the big day?

Blogger mw said...
you know me. i'm riding when i can. mostly on the weekends and commuting during the week. nothing serious other then trying to get maximum saddle time.

no new spandex. i need a cycling computer and a plastic deal for the 'cue sheet' is all. i've been wearing pants since fall instead of anything sleeker with the hope then when i don the sleek gear i'll rip thru the wind like a hot knife thru soy butter.

Blogger debaser said...

Blogger 3p0 said...
good to hear from you W. how ya been,

see ya in passing some day....

some day

Blogger mw said...
yep, looking for something like that. but its my understanding that there are multiple pages, so there may be a need to flip and flip again. i need to ask the main man.

hey cvo. from you post on ffl, i'll just say, take a bath.

Blogger mg said...
you were ridin' good that day buddy - pushin' that big gear like a stallion.

that bike is beautiful. you nailed it there.