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Sunday, January 29
date with an old friend.

In an effort to make a familiar trail feel new again, I hit the old standby with the Croll. Man, it's hard to believe that bike is almost 9 years old. It doesn't feel that long ago!

Although I floundered a little bit climbing up thru the rock garden, it was great to get out on the hardtail. I need to get the Zip up there one of these days, too. Chaybo, want to bring down the 1 or the 2 and go for a classics ride?
Blogger Chaybo said...
DC....we're heading back to lincoln this coming spring and i plan on taking the mb1 back with me. Can't wait to hit up platte, maybe the caves, and if i get really lucky a day down in KC to hit up Landahl or Shawnee Mission.

but anyway....

Tracy says we're heading by your house on the way home for a night or two to see the new addition to your family and house. Lots of things going on over at the Chase house these ? BTW, how is the house coming along ?

i'd love to sneak out for an all B-stone, all rigid ride while we're there...sounds classic, count me in.


Blogger bdiddy said...
Yo chase good lookin vista.

Did you change out the fork on that bike recently? I remember a yellow tou on ther before.

Blogger redstone said...
Sounds good, chaybo. Keep me informed!

Bdiddy - the bike had a yellow SXti on there. I swapped it out for a virtually brand new Mars that was on the Homegrown prototype. I switched 'em out as I'm selling the HG. Just don't ride it anymore.

Blogger bigmech said...

Keep me informed on your travel dates this spring. I would enjoy hooking up for a couple rides. Heck, I would even be up for a KC trip. There has been some work done at Krug park and it would be fun to check that out real quick too.