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Sunday, January 1
new years part 3

saturday..... in the park, i think it was the fourth of july

so yep, we took the family up to Missoula on saturday afternoon to the River Park for their annual 'First Night' celebration. Carousel's, Pony rides, magic shows, and Mackenzie River Pizza (which was the highlight of my night).....the kids were having a blast until we got into that dang-dern magic show. Cool show, but i don't think the kids cared for it much. Let's just say 3yr old melt downs X 2.

So anyway after the show we headed on back to the bitteroot and hung out around the t.v. till the ball dropped in NYC....we made our resolutions, had a couple of smooches and listened to the locals blow shit up until way past 3am. Well maybe it wasn't fireworks...i suppose it may have been ammunition.
Blogger debaser said...
I had to look that up, cause I havn't heard that song in forever. My dad listened to Chicago all the time.

Blogger Chaybo said...
People dancing, People laughing, A man selling Ice cream, Singing italian songs.....

Can You dig it, yes i can !

I've been waiting such a long time

For Saturday !

Blogger debaser said...
yeah dude! I googled the lyrics to see who it was and could sing then whole damn thing.