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Sunday, January 22
Some snow rides
With the snow we got this week I wasn't so eager to load up the car, so I've been hitting the local rides. Sure are a lot more interesting with a touch of snow and cold.

I scored a wide flat bar from Bdiddy. Thanks, it's exactly what that bike needed.

Blogger Chaybo said...
ganz....bdidd and i were wondering, did you take that 3rd picture on a timer ?

great pics either way tho !

Blogger debaser said...
Yep. Got a 10 second timer, just tossed it on my bag next to the trail and rode off.

Who pays the long distance for you two?

Blogger redstone said...
Nice Bryan. Is pic 2 on Davidson Mesa?

Blogger debaser said...
close - it's on the from the north side of town. It'd be great if it went on for a couple miles like that, but it don't.

Blogger bdiddy said...
Glad you like the Flat tracker.

Love that third pic.

Blogger debaser said...
Thanks and thanks. I recropped it for Dave's site and liked it so much I pasted it here. Don't know if you noticed.